Teaching Philosophy My teaching philosophy is an integration of both a teacher-centered approach and a student-center approach. I agree with the key foundations of a teacher- centered approach, where important knowledge is transferred from the older more experienced generation to the younger one. This knowledge that is passed along must be presented with passion, because passion is the root of all learning and teaching.
The teacher’s role is to instill core values within his or her students. The core values that I think are essential to learning include; developing respect for authority, perseverance, duty, consideration, and practicality. After all these core values are the fundamentals needed to breed success in the classroom. Teaching of these values should be measured in the affective domain through assessment and evaluations. By assessing these values you make students accountable for their actions throughout the entire school day which will create a better learning environment. I strongly agree with a teacher-centered approach based on these principles listed above, although I encourage the ideals of a student-centered approach. This approach focuses on progressive learning where the teacher aids students in forming questions and answers based on real world experiences. This student-centered approach facilitates the students to think on a higher level which stimulates more learning within the initial lesson. Teachers should encourage the inquisitive minds of their students to seek further knowledge. Students are always searching for answers and they never stop asking why. It is the job of the teacher to help find the answers by helping the students discover and master their own abilities.
Throughout my academic career I have been exposed to many different types of educators. The most effective teachers I have encountered have been the ones that got past all the red tape and really emphasized the material at hand. These teachers presented the content with creativity and enthusiasm.  As a teacher one of the most effective ways to deliver the content to students is to convey the message with passion. This way it lets the learner know that the teacher presenting the material has content knowledge and enthusiasm for the subject area. I believe there is a direct correlation with student interest and enthusiastic passionate teachers. The more engaged the students are the more learning that will occur and the engagement comes directly from the passion of the educator. These students who have been exposed to passionate teachers will have a willingness to learn based solely on the enthusiasm of the instructor. In my years to come I will always keep that in mind that passion is at the root of all learning and educating therefore we should never lose sight of the importance to inspire the youth of America.

Coaching Philosophy-
The role of athletics plays a major role in modern day society. Parents are always urging their children to participate and get involved in sports teams in some way or another. Parents are such advocates of athletics because there are so many beneficial elements to sports. Organized athletics should provide children and young adults with a safe and healthy environment where they can learn the related sport skills as well as life lessons. I am a firm believer that there is so much more to athletics than meets the eye. Sports teams can teach players lifelong lessons like team cooperation, respect for all aspect of the unit, and an overall appreciation for hard work. Yes as a coach you are there to guide your players in the quest for perfection but along the way players will realize that perfection is unobtainable. It is the job of the coach to make the players realize that you can always strive for it though. The great John R. Wooden once said "success is peace of mind which is a direct result of self-satisfaction in knowing you made the effort to become the best that you are capable of becoming"I agree one hundred percent with the legendary coach. In my sports teams I will instill this message into my players, that it isn't all about winning and losing it is when that last whistle sounds you know you gave everything you had in that instance. To me this is the true measure of success.  Most of the time if you play within the domains of this ideology the scoreboard will be in your favor not always ways but a good percentage of the time.
         Athletic teams give student athletes the opportunity to maintain a higher level of responsibility to their peers who aren't members of a sports team. Student athletes are expected to balance course work as well as practice time; this is where student athletes learn the importance of time management. Sports teams also provide players with a strengthened sense of accountability, not only on the playing field but in the classroom and in the community as well. It is the job of the coach to be a role model for their players and to guide them in the righteous path of success. The ideal sports program would have great expectations for student athletes as well as coaches. Players would be held to an academic standard if they are to be a part of a sports team. If they fail to obtain that set goal then extra help services will be provided.  If student athletes cannot handle the work load during the sport season then the team will have to suffer a loss not the academic. Players must always be aware that they are representing the name on the front of the jersey and their actions should never disgrace or misrepresent the school district or even worse their family. As a coach it is their duty to instill these values in their players that way they know what is to be expected of them. We as coaches should always remember that we have entered the profession of coaching to benefit the student athletes. Sports should always be fun for players, the second it becomes mundane the players start to resent the game and even the people around it. I believe that in making practice challenging and incorporating new elements you can always keep the players wanting more. That way the next day when they come to practice they are ready to give it their all. The best way to keep players coming back eager to be students of the game is to always finish practice on a good note. This leaves players with a good taste in their mouth and the need for more. If a coach can model all of these attributes to his or her team then he or she is paving the way for individual and team success.

Educational Philosophy-
I believe that each student is unique in regards to learning. Every student has their own needs and now two students are alike. It is my goal as a future educator to facilitate the most conductive learning environment for students. This environment will breed the natural curiosity within the students to direct their self learning and discovery. It will also provide them with the proper guidelines of self respect and respect for all living things. With such an emphasis put on the individual needs of the learner it places a lot of responsibility on the teacher to meet all the individual needs of each student in the class. I agree with the thought of differentiated instruction and in a perfect world there would be one teacher for every student but that is far from the case. Unfortunately due to budget cuts and lack of resources the services that should be provided to students aren't being applied. The only ones who really suffer here are the students who aren't getting the services that they really need. It places a lot more stress on the teacher as well because they must do their best to meet all of their students needs and provide undivided attention that in some aspects seems impossible. I think this is the problem with today’s education the lack of support from administration which directly means funding of programs which is a direct reflection of these tough economic times. It is the job of the modern day teacher to make lemonade without the lemons. Meaning that funding of your curriculum is going to be tight no matter what subject field you are in. It is the job of the teacher to be resourceful and to find alternative cost effective ways to teach and convey the content being presented. I believe that the ideal school includes a vast curriculum that incorporates all styles of learners. Curriculum would have all the latest advances in technology and pedagogy this way students are presented with the best opportunity to learn. Unfortunately education is misconstrued as a business for some, but to me it is not a job it is an opportunity for me to guide young minds in the right direction. Yet, not tell them what roads to go down but present them with the proper knowledge and resources they will need to live a long successful healthy lifestyle. I think teaching has a great deal to do with how you carry yourself as an individual. As an educator you should be confident, knowledgeable, humble, and sociable towards your students. You never know what day you could have an impact on a student where it could be long lasting; this is the power of teaching. I will be a role model of society and most importantly I will be working towards the greater good of mankind molding young minds.