Standard 6


Physical education teacher candidates demonstrate dispositions essential to becoming effective professionals.

Element 6.2: Teacher candidates will participate in activities that enhance collaboration and lead to professional growth and development.

Artifact:  256 Observation Host teacher evaluation

               During the entire 256 observations you always had to be displaying professionalism, from the instance you walked into the building to the moment you leave school grounds.  It was imperative to show that your committed to education because it is a profession and there are certain standards that go along with that title. As a visitor of the school, you should  always be on time or early, proper dress, knowing you place as a teacher of an entry level position all of these define professionalism. The final evaluation of my observations display the professional manner that I always conveyed.

Element 6.1: Teacher candidates will demonstrate behaviors that are consistent with the professional ethics of highly qualified teachers.

Artifact: Disposition Letter from SUNY Cortland Staff

Date: Winter 2010

Reflection: Each semester SUNY Cortland staff meet in order to discuss the current student population. Each teacher is eligible to nominate different students who have shown professionalism within the major. In the winter semester of 2010 I was recognized within this elite class of students. Here is my  letter from the SUNY Cortland Staff.