standard 3

Planning and Instruction
Physical education teacher candidates plan and implement developmentally appropriate learning experiences aligned with local state, and national standards to address the diverse needs of all students.

Element: 3.1, Teacher candidates will design and implement short and long term plans that are linked to program and instructional goals as well as a variety of student needs.

            In my adapted physical education class one of the first assignments were to develop a top down plan for your BOCES student. The top down plan is based on the present level performance of the student. The top down plan is a set of goals that are implemented into the final IEP. These goals are short term as well as long term; the goals have to be obtainable in the allotted period of time. The top down plan will help track the student along their educational plan.

Element 3.2: Teacher candidates will develop and implement appropriate goals and objectives aligned with local state, and or national standards.
Date: Fall 2010

                 In my adapted physical education introductory course one of the class assignments was to develop an IEP of our BOCES student. When designing a Individualized educational plan you first asses the present level performance. From there you can set long term and short term goals to work towards. This is where planning and implementation comes into play as a physical educator, because you set long term goals with benchmarks along the way to those objectives. With an IEP you take into account health considerations, behavioral considerations, extra services that are provided to the student and instructional strategies that will help teach the student along the way.