Standard 4

Instructional Delivery and Management
Physical education candidates use effective communication and pedagogical skills and strategies to enhance student engagement and learning

Element 4.1: Teacher candidates will demonstrate effective verbal and non-verbal; communication skills across a variety of instructional formats.

Artifact: EDU-256 module 13 bulletin board 

               In the 256 observation experience, one of the requirements of the mandatory 60 hour field observations was to develop a bulletin board as a gift to the house school. The bulletin board was a way to provide information about the fitness gram. In the display it gave information of what the fitness gram entailed, the poster also gives information about results and how to read scores. This was a great way to be an advocate of physical fitness, it also allows the teacher to transfer knowledge to parents as well as fellow faculty

Element 4.3: Teacher candidates will provide effective instructional feedback for skill acquisition, student learning and motivation.   

Artifact: Adapted Physical Education and Sport Letter to Parents

Date: Fall 2010
              Constructive feedback is crucial to student learning, it is almost as important as keeping parents informed of their child's learning. In keeping parents informed of student learning you are keeping everyone working towards the same goal which is student education. In EDU 356 I had three high school students from BOCES. Myself and the students were assigned to the pool where we worked on skill refinement and lifelong activities. At the end of the semester we had to write letters home to inform the parents/guardian of their students’ progress. This gave me an opportunity to communicate with parents in a professional manner which is very important in  becoming a future educator.